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Yo, I'm Buffy, a Canadian (fear me and my free health care and equal marriage rights). You coulld say that I like anime and manga. And I kinda just reblog whatever pops up on my dash. I have no idea how to properly customize this page, so I don't have a theme that doesn't burn. Follow my cosplay blog @http://cosplayadventuretime.tumblr.com/ (I have no idea what I am doing most of the time.)
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    A hero's not afraid to give his life.
    A hero's gonna save me just in time.

    SnK Alphabet
    ↳  for Heroes  (Hero by Skillet)


    Society’s unrealistic expectations for women are getting out of hand.


    This maybe the best thing ever

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    10 days of kill la kill | day 02: favorite elite four member

    ↳ ira gamagoori

    know your priorities

    inspired by (x)

    hagane no renkinjutsushi: edward elric