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    i dont trust people who dislike nintendo

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    YOU KNOW WHAT, FOLKS, I love many things that are happening right now in Eternal Summer, but I can’t help but miss my favorite nerdbaby, Rei. He just cares so much about being good enough for his friends, and I just want to bury myself in things where ~*~everyone~*~ gives him the support and orgasms he deserves.

    So here is a collection of things I’ve found where Rei gets the loving (uhh sometimes literally) he deserves from everyone (with a slight lean toward reigisa b/c that’s my jam):


    (Since these don’t have titles, I labeled them as whatever the artist captioned them with)

    Rei<3, by zerachin THIS IS THE ART FROM THE HEADER UP THERE! I didn’t draw it, I just love it, and Zerachin was kind enough to let me use it for the header of this post. Go give them some love, ye? SFW

    Happy Birthday Rei! by virginpornographer - NSFW

    Rei Ryugazaki Appreciation Blog by tingos - NSFW

    It’s OK Rei everyone still loves u (I love u) by crowske - SFW

    What do you mean ‘Butterfly of farewell” ????? by ilyone - SFW

    Episode 3 Summary - by interhai - SFW


    Birthday Game by Trixiechick - Rating: T. Summary:  Nagisa has a plan and definitely goals for Rei’s birthday…

    Let’s Play a Game by Cait - Rating: E. Summary: Rei’s been distant from his teammates since regionals. Nagisa decides it requires the effort of their entire team to “reassure” him. Some Rin/Haru thrown in there for good measure.

    Taking it for the Team by FMAvatard - Rating: E. Summary: Rei and Nagisa are happily dating. Then Nagisa gets an idea that will surely bring them and their friends closer together. (Shameless Porn)

    Stars, Sketches, Sugar and Surprises by an orphaned account - Rating: G. Summary: Missing scenes from the finale episode of Free!, where Rei’s teammates show their appreciation for him being the amazing angel that he is.

    Just for Now by Fallencrows - Rating: NC-17. Summary: Rei didn’t know how this had happened. He was sure there had been a conversation, words said and ideas brought to the foreground, but how he ended up naked and surrounded by his teammates, who were equally naked, was perhaps something beyond him. - inspired by the virginpornographer art up there^ ^ ^

    Team Building Exercises by Chromyrose - Rating: M. Summary: After an arduous practice Nagisa notices that Rei’s legskin is a little tight in the crotch. Somehow that turns into a team building exercise no one saw coming.

    If you know of more, please reblog and add your rec! I need more Rei-centric group love in my life.


    well it’s about time fred got some character development


    I took a shot at these as well.



    You know what I’m worried about for the last episode?


    See you at the Olympics.

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    I broke my laptop so I’m going to be mobile blogging/off tumblr for a while. And when my queue runs out there will be a lack of posts by me. Unless one of you lovelies can magically fix my laptop for me.

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    You really are a boring man."
    -- Someday you won't remember this pain you
    thought would last forever and ever. --

    To live is to devour others.


    the face erwin makes when that guy asks him if he and levi have any human feelings is so upsetting


    please protect this man

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