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Yo, I'm Buffy, a Canadian (fear me and my free health care and equal marriage rights). You coulld say that I like anime and manga. And I kinda just reblog whatever pops up on my dash. I have no idea how to properly customize this page, so I don't have a theme that doesn't burn. Follow my cosplay blog @http://cosplayadventuretime.tumblr.com/ (I have no idea what I am doing most of the time.)
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    a rough summary of a choice with no regrets (which you can read here)

    Haise Sasaki - Chapter 144
    "The legend has a beginning. If you bear witness to this beginning, it 
    will be a moment you will never forget as long as you live!!"


    Eren… why???
    Chapter 62 is very tragic
    I liked to redraw Isayama’s works
    music: Hiroyuki Sawano - Vogel im Kafig


    what if nepeta will just randomly knock stuff over like cats do when she is upset

    • plot twist: you wake up for school fully rested and ready to socialize
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    how come every vampire in vampire stories is a hundred years old tho why cant we get a newbie vampire like

    "how long have you been 17"
    “about a year and a half actually its kinda trippy”

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    People Who Didn’t Deserve Any Of This:

    • Alois Trancy
    • Kaneki Ken
    • Eren Jeager
    • Dio Brando
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